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disclaimer: none of the images belong to me!
they've been pulled from pinterest and twitter :)

she/her, 16, infp-t
usually in gmt-5
english, עברית, español

social mediasdiscord: kooka#6237
instagram: @mayyyuka
twitter: @mayyyuka
wattpad: @Jinnieeeeefood
ao3: @Jinnieeeeefood
spotify: (ask me for a link)
you can dm me on any of those
sites, but i'm most likely to quickly
respond on discord! i practically never
check the other accounts' dms :)

stray kids : stay
ult bias ;; seungmin
wrecker ;; jisung

enhypen : engene
niziu : withu
itzy : midzy
the boyz : deobi
ateez : atiny

plus ofc many groups
that i casually listen to
and know the members
of, but don't consider myself
a member of the fandom for them!

noa kirel
sam tinnesz
lana del rey
more i casually listen to :)
literally the entire mcu
saturday night live
the simpsons
really cringey kid's shows,, unironically
anything by laini taylor!! her books aaahh
anything by neal shusterman
anything by rick riordan
anything by andy weir
the illuminae files series
red queen series
the fifth wave series
girls of paper and fire series
anything by tove jansson
every book i've ever read
seriously tho dm me for recommendations bc i got u